Bread, bread everywhere, and not a bite to eat

Oh, y’all, it’s on. I have all these: With more coming in. Thank you, Lord, for my local library. This new life leap includes a baking element. Now, here’s an interesting fact about my baking bread to sell, for this small, commercial kitchen, on this family-run farm: I don’t, in fact, eat bread. I actuallyContinue reading “Bread, bread everywhere, and not a bite to eat”

9:58pm is the perfect time to start.

Prior to spending $48, minus an $8 online coupon I stumbled across (yes!), these were my thoughts I was jotting down in a Word document: I want to blog and I’m not sure how to start. I feel like there should be something momentous about the first post, but that’s silly, really, isn’t it? IContinue reading “9:58pm is the perfect time to start.”